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Kamino Chihuahuas

I have always loved Chihuahuas and am the very proud owner of a stunning family of Chihuahuas! Our dogs are predominantly family and enjoy the best quality care possible. They live in the house with us and are house trained family pets. We do not believe in keeping Chihuahuas in outdoor kennels, heated or otherwise! They are undoubtedly happiest socialising with their own kind and their human family and can normally be found lounging in front of the fire or curled up on the sofa with us. Our dogs absolutely love people and are in their element when visitors come!

Primarily pet owners we sometimes have puppies for sale and take in rescue Chihuahuas to rehabilitate. We have had excellent results rebalancing toy breed dogs of all ages and find this aspect of our doggy family particularly rewarding.

Our dogs are all regularly health checked and we are very careful in our selection of breeding couples to produce puppies of the best temperament and type possible. Our main interest is progressing chocolate, blue, lilac and the beautifully patterned merles. There are no required health tests listed for Chihuahuas however we are gradually getting all our dogs tested for luxating patella. We also actively educate people on correct and safe breeding of merles and have our vets support on our breeding programme.

We are based in Lincolnshire. Visitors are always welcome.

Please note – Dinky Dogs provides services and products for your dogs – it accepts no responsibility for the purchase of a dog or rehomed dog as these are found homes privately outside of the business enterprise.  Dogs are not purchasable on the website but if you would like to discuss Chihuahuas or have an interest in an available dog/puppy please feel free to contact Joanna via the contact form.

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